Dreamy Work is a project I’ve had in mind for some time, but which accelerated in 2020 when, like everyone else, I questioned my pace of life and my way of thinking about my professional practices. As an entrepreneur for years with my company Mia Zia, I have been practicing the daily acrobatic gap between my Brussels office and my family life in Walloon Brabant, Waterloo. The hunt for a parking space, the traffic jams and the stress of being on time have been my daily life… and I don’t want it anymore! I felt the need to slow down, to be closer to my children, and to go back to my native city that I love so much, Waterloo.

It’s one thing to state the facts, but how do you achieve these aspirations while at the same time putting in motion a beautiful project with meaning and values? By putting everything in a unique place, which looks more like a big family house than a co-working building like those found in big cities: Dreamy Work was born!

The project also benefits from my experience in the field, since I have spent 8 years in co-working with 15 other companies. Partitioned offices distributed along a long corridor, no common space, a tiny kitchen… that is exactly the opposite of Dreamy Work.

Convinced that the configuration of the space itself provokes encounters, synergies, and spontaneous exchanges, I imagined, in parallel with the private offices, several universes open to each other, which encourage the circulation of people and energies. My goal, with Dreamy Work, is to offer a beautiful environment to co-workers who share the same values and desires as I do, in life as in work: conviviality, respect, love of beautiful things, sharing of experience and skills, open-mindedness, creativity and a good dose of serenity! “A dreamy place to work” is not a slogan that sounds good: it is the philosophy that drives the whole project. Welcome to this beautiful universe! Nathalie.